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DreamHost is one of the longest standing players in the online web hosting marketplace. They have been in business and current host and manage well over 1 million sites. There is a reason for this, as the company has built up a stellar reputation. This includes offering users everything they want in terms of website hosting (like unlimited space, bandwidth, and more) and some of the best and most responsive customer service anywhere. They even offer the best uptime and reliability guarantee in the industry of 100%.

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Cheap Website Hosting At a Glance

Hosting FeaturesMarketing BonusesAdditional Features
FREE Domain Registration$100 Credit for Google AdWordsSpam Assassin Spam Filtering
FREE Domain TransferUnlimited MySQL DatabasesUnlimited Auto-responders
Unlimited DomainsUnlimited FTP Accounts97-Day Guarantee
Unlimited BandwidthFREE Website Builder100% Uptime Guarantee
Unlimited Disk SpaceUnlimited Email BoxesRaw Log Files Access

Hosting Plans and Features

The bottom line about any hosting plan is what figuring out what you ultimately want to do with it. In the case of DreamHost there really are no limits. This starts with the ability to register a new domain for free, or even transfer over an existing site. They offer the ability to host an unlimited number of domains without needing to worry about the disk space or bandwidth consumed on a monthly basis. You also have an unlimited number of MySQL databases, FTP accounts, and email boxes (give one to each member of your family or company). You even have a 97-day full satisfaction money back guarantee.

To further showcase the benefits of this basic shared hosting plan, DreamHost also gives you a 100% uptime guarantee, tops in the industry. The free site builder includes a number of professional templates and one-click installed scripts and applications to give your site just about any kind of ability you wish.

Value for Money

To determine value it is important to look at both what you get and what you pay. In this case you are getting some of the best hosting around, with tons of excellent tools and features. You can host an unlimited number of sites, without really needing to worry about using up too much space or sending too much traffic, etc. They even give you some marketing credits to help get your site promotions started. This is certainly a lot.

So, how much is this worth? How about just $9.95 per month? This is all you will ever need to pay for the Dream Host service. You can choose to sign up for either one year, or reduce the monthly cost a little bit by joining for two years (just $8.95 per month). Clearly, this would be the best value. These prices are slightly higher than the average 'cheap hosting' service, but you clearly receive a lot more than most.


Pricing Information
Monthly Price$9.95/Month
Money Back Guarantee97 Days
Renewal Price$9.95/Month

Customer Support

Finding an answer to your question or receiving customer support is also an important consideration when choosing an online hosting company. DreamHost starts by offering you 24/7 support. This comes in the form of a toll-free phone number and online live chat (for customers only). The reps are very helpful and they even promise you will receive a reply to any emails sent within 24 hours. They even have an update blog where any major company or network announcements will be posted. If you would like to search for an answer or go more deeply into a subject, browse the user forums.

Reliability & Security

The foundation upon which the reliability and security of the DreamHost network is built upon must be their amazing 100% uptime guarantee. Since this is a managed hosting plan, the onus falls entirely on the company's shoulders. They maintain their own servers in multiple data centers throughout the world. Not only that, but they also ensure that each server has backups and these are further supported by load balancing and cloud computing technologies. There is also an uninterrupted power supply and a number of generators further backing up all of this network infrastructure.

Bottom Line

DreamHost is a truly professional hosting solution that stands out from the overcrowded field of 'cheap hosting' providers. The features are widely varied, offering customers the ability to create and develop any type of site they wish, from personal to large e-commerce.

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