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No discussion of the top website hosting providers would be complete without mentioning EasyCGI. They have been online for a number of years now; as a veteran hosting provider, some would swear that they offer the most services for a very low fee. Service is also outstanding and they back everything with a strong up-time and online guarantee. They are now hosting more than 500,000 sites all over the globe and provide some of the best windows based server platforms, complete with amazing security and reliability features.

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Cheap Website Hosting At a Glance

Hosting FeaturesMarketing BonusesAdditional Features
Windows Based Hosting Platform$100 Credit for Google AdWordsSupports Blog & Forum Platforms
FREE Domain Transfer$25 Credit for Yahoo!/Bing99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Unlimited DomainsGoogle Webmaster Tools50 MySQL Databases
3,500 GB BandwidthFREE Website Builder30 Day Guarantee
350GB Disk Space500 Email BoxesDownloadable Raw Logs

Hosting Plans and Features

One of the things EasyCGI is most known for is offering a windows-based hosting platform. In fact, they are recognized as the best hosting provider in this area. They offer a free domain transfer of your existing site, or offer you the use of a professional site builder. There are also tons of software applications and other functions that can be added to your site like blogs, forums, and even merchant accounts along with some e-commerce options. Basically, they allow you to develop your site, your way.

Best of all, this service is fully managed, so you are never on your own. No technical skill or knowledge is required. Plus, they give you marketing credits to help start site promotion and offer tons of bandwidth, disk space, and the ability to host an unlimited number of domains. Of course, the 99.9% uptime guarantee is also a good indication of how secure your site will be.

Value for Money

While EasyCGI does occasionally run promotions and special offerings, their general rate is $9.95 per month for the most basic hosting plan. While this is not the cheapest of the bunch, it is also not the most expensive, either. Plus, you can choose to actually pay this monthly, unlike most other providers looking to lock customers into a long-term contract. There is a slight discount if you pay for a year in advance, but this is not required.

The plan is also flexible enough to accommodate your needs, since you will be able to pick and choose what you like among their various software and application features/tools. Just pay close attention when signing up since they do have a fair number of extras that will attempt to attach to your account. These include things like privacy, daily backups, extra site protection, search engine submission, etc... Ultimately, this is a professional hosting solution that offers strong value for your money.

Pricing Information
Monthly Price$9.95/Month
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
Renewal Price$9.95/Month

Customer Support

The support offered through EasyCGI is befitting a professional web hosting service. They have a 24/7 toll-free support phone line staffed by knowledgeable and helpful reps. There are additional options to contact the company through a live chat or even send them an email. They are responsive, with most replies only needing a few hours. The ticket system is efficient and easy to navigate. The helpful user guides are a a great way to become familiar with hosting, site building and other features/tools. So are the video tutorials, which are also easy to access.

Reliability & Security

EasyCGI ensures the reliability and security of your site in several ways. For starters, they offer a 99.9% up time guarantee and also monitor/manage your site around the clock. Part of how they are able to do this rests on their equipment and technology. This includes a quad gigE fiber uplink along with fully redundant router technologies. They maintain their own fully enclosed and secure data center in several diverse geographic locations. All of the server data is backed up through physical drives and also cloud based technologies. The company uses UPS power and additional backup generators.

Bottom Line

Fort those looking for a top-of-the-line professional web hosting solution that is windows based, easy to use and run, then look no further than EasyCGI.com. Bonuses include the reasonable price and excellent customer service.

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