Investigated: Is Cheap Hosting Cheap?

Is cheap hosting really useless? Should you opt for a more expensive hosting plan?

When hosting a website and getting that site of yours up, you need two things: domain and hosting. Both are extremely important to buy, but oftentimes, people are blindsided when needing to choose what kind of hosting to buy. Cheap hosting is a term thrown out there practically everywhere that you go, and countless people will always jump at the opportunity to get nearly free hosting. However, is it a good investment? Is it worth the money to buy "cheap" hosting?

Is Cheap Hosting "Cheap"?

This is a 50/50 answer because of one thing; it is hit or miss all the time. Certain companies will offer hosting at such a low price that they are capable of over-delivering to clients all the time. Some companies will give you top notch quality tools to enhance your website, and then there are other companies who will low-ball clients and make as much off of them without giving them a quality hosting site to use.

Understand that cheap hosting can sometimes be a bit 'cheap' based on what they give to clients. It can be a bit hard to have the money to pay for a more expensive hosting plan, but know that not investing that money can prevent you from getting a good site setup.

What does a Good Hosting Company Offer?

You know that the affordable hosting plan you find online is worth it if they give you a good amount of bandwidth and a good drag and drop site builder. Hosting is oftentimes debatable because each person has different website needs. However, you must know certain hosting plans just aren't' worth it, and it is best to invest the money in a plan that would give you an easy time.

Do I Buy Cheap Hosting?

This is up to you. If your goal is a simple website with just a few pages, this should be good enough for you. If your goal is a top notch website with hundreds of pages and countless interactive designs, then going for a bit higher of a price is the key. The more features, the easier it will be on your part. Cheap hosting may not give you enough bandwidth, a good website builder, a mobile website option, or an opportunity to go for an eCommerce site. Find out what you need specifically, and you'll be able to do decide whether a cheap hosting plan is good enough for you?

What to Watch Out For

Watch out for hosting plans to be super cheap being as low as just a few cents. Those can have horrible payment options that will horribly go wrong with their payment processing. Some people will have hundreds of dollars taken out of their bank because a hosting company stole their money. Read reviews of the company, find out what they have done for past customers, and you'll be able to see if the company is professional enough.

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