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Yahoo is certainly one of the largest and most well-known companies and brands on the internet. As you might expect, they also offer a quality website hosting service that is backed up by the best customer service and information network. They have the top of the line in terms of technology as far as their servers and data centers are concerned. More importantly, they actually offer some very inexpensive rates and provide a number of important and needed online services. This could be a great way for someone to start building their online personal or business presence.

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Cheap Website Hosting At a Glance

Hosting FeaturesMarketing BonusesAdditional Features
1 Domain + 100 SubdomainsAccount Access for Colleagues & FriendsUnlimited Email Storage
FREE Domain Transfer$100 Credit for Yahoo!/Bing99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Private Registration Data10 Site PagesVideo Tutorials
1000GB Monthly BandwidthFREE Website BuilderAutomated Search Engine Submission
100GB Disk Space250 Email BoxesSite Traffic Statistics

Hosting Plans and Features

Yahoo does offer new customers the option of transferring an existing domain, but otherwise, you will be hosting a single domain (although you can include up to 100 sub-domains). You do have the option of keeping your registration data private, a service that most hosting companies charge extra to include. The disk space is 100GB, which should be more than enough to get started and the 1,000GB of monthly bandwidth allows for a huge amount of traffic. You can also have up to 250 email boxes along with a ton of email marketing tools and features.

Yahoo can also be a good option for building and developing your site. They include a first class website builder that has hundreds of templates and features drag and drop functionality. You can also choose to add a number of different applications from their library. The package also comes with a free 30 day money back guarantee, so that you can get to see how everything works before truly being committed.

Value for Money

The Yahoo Small Business Hosting plan does offer a very cheap basic rate. This a low $5.99 per month. This is very straightforward; Yahoo is one of the few companies that actually gives you the option of paying the same low rate on a monthly basis rather than the full term up front. Consequently, there are no discounts for choosing a longer term.

The plan is all-inclusive, although some customers may feel a bit limited by the bandwidth, space and domain hosting requirements. Even still, if you are only looking to start with a single website, this can be a great value for the money. On top of everything, you know this is a quite respected brand and a company that can be trusted. There are no hidden fees or any surprising extras. In fact the private registration that most places use as a sneaky add-on is given to you for free here.

Pricing Information
Monthly Price$5.99/Month
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
Renewal Price$5.99/Month

Customer Support

The Yahoo customer service is one of the brightest spots in this package. Of course, you already know that this is a very well-known and trusted brand. They have won a number of awards for their service and it's easy to see why. With their 24/7 toll free phone and email support, you can quickly reach the company anytime. Emails are usually answered fairly quickly and the staff is both smart and helpful. The site includes a full complement of both frequently asked questions and video tutorials. There are even a number of helpful getting started guides.

Reliability & Security

As with every online company, you need to make sure that they have a handle on security and are also reliable. For starters, Yahoo offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you can be sure that your site will always be available. Of course, they also manage the site, so everything will be in proper working order. Yahoo using top of the line servers and computer equipment. They even employ advanced cloud technology to help reduce and balance server loads, which also include numerous backups and extra generators and power supplies. You can even make a number of your directories more secure by password protection.

Bottom Line

Yahoo is one of the most secure online hosting networks which provides a measure of comfort and safety not easily duplicated. They also offer a very low price and make it easy to get started online.

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